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NEC Displays |  4K Horizantal Showcase

NEC Displays | 8 videos for Info Comm Las Vegas

Eight videos, in both vertical and horizontal formats, 4k content, two months and over 700 GB of data; this was the outline for the project for NEC Displays, tackled by a partnership between ReThink Studios (Chicago) and PixelWhipped.  Together, we created and sourced digital content to tell the stories of each of the leading uses of NEC content: Analyze, Control, Present, Review and Share.  In addition to these categories of vertical displays, the team concepted and created two 4k (one horizontal, one vertical) videos motivated by a radial theme, displaying riveting content to showcase NEC's 4K technology.



Chief Creative Director: Brian Bullock

Executive Producer: Jessica Simmon

Producer: Renita Taylor

Creative Direction, 2D Design, Compositing, Storyboards, Edit: Michelle Timpone & Todd Will

Editor: Katie Klimkowski

Modo Artist: Dave LeBlanc

Houdini Artist: Rigel Bowen

Maya Artist: Doo Ma

NEC Displays |  5 Edit Mash-up of each vertical edits

Foagnosa | 9x12 Illustration


NEC Displays |  Storyboards

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