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Graybar | Schneider Electric | Residential


In commissioning this piece, Graybar sought to feature a wide range of Schneider Electric’s convenient, energy-efficient products.  PixelWhipped’s creative approach centered on the warmth of family life, and the seamless integration of ecologically responsible technology into the home.   At the heart of our message, is the efficiency and ease of relying on Graybar to provide these important products, and exceptional service. 


Concept, Design & Animation: Michelle Timpone & Todd Will

Graybar | Schneider Electric | Services


Wishing to expand on the visual theme created for Graybar’s Schneider Electric “Residential” concept, we developed Schneider “Services”.  Herein we adapted the style and animation of the “Residential” piece to highlight Graybar’s experience and proficiency in providing full-service solution for powering large industrial facilities. 


Concept, Design & Animation: Michelle Timpone & Todd Will


Graybar Schneider Electric | Residential | Storyboards


Graybar Schneider Electric | Services | Storyboards

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