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Michelle’s work is the result of an ardent preoccupation with images, medium and technique.  A thorough focus on detail and the pleasure of refinement, drive the creation of her unique, evocative imagery.  Michelle has found great success in creating images of extraordinary depth, complexity and unmistakable quality.  The byzantine textures and captivating subject matter of Ms. Timpone's work, leave a resounding impression on viewers and offer a rare visual experience.

The otherworldly quality of her flat work has also found its way into her design and animation oeuvre.  Her involvement in the visionary book, The Catalogue of Extraordinary Beings yielded more than 50 astonishing illustrations, which were an instrumental aspect of the book's wildly successful crowd-funding campaign, making possible its initial publication.  Trained as an illustrator, Michelle brings unexpected delight and sophistication to time-based mediums and has parlayed her skills into a successful career as an animator/motion graphics designer.  The added dimension of time has provided a lush territory for experimentation and exploration, and has resulted in countless commercials, short films and animations.  Since 2011, Michelle has worked internationally as a freelance graphic designer, animator, and illustrator.  Along with the very talented Todd Will, Michelle founded the company PixelWhipped, a full-service design firm and post house servicing clients worldwide.

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